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The OneBin is a multi-compartment bin designed to revolutionize the airport security experience. The product will replace the existing single compartment bin with a multi-compartment bin with conspicuous and instructive labeling to decrease inspection time thereby increasing throughput. Specifically, the compartmented bin will improve efficiency in the divestiture process by providing clear, real-time guidance (labeled compartments) to the traveler. Almost all travelers will only need one compartmented bin to hold their belongings, thus OneBin per passenger.


Our focus.

We understand your requirements and provide measurable results.

Safer and Faster Security Process

Standardized Item Locations
Reduced # of X-Rays per Traveler Promotes collection of all belongings Reduced security manpower.

Improved Traveler Experience

Unified signage with receptacles Eased movement to recomposure area
Larger bin fits 99% of all travelers Reduced traveler anxiety

Praised by Security and Passengers

Preferred Security Vendor to Norwegian Cruise Line
MIT Product Design – Award Winner
ASME iShow – Finalist
CNBC’s Millionaire Inventor - Finalist

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Our team.

Katy O'Brien

Co-Founder, CTO

Ben Levitt

Co-Founder, CEO

The OneBin originated in a product development class at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in a combined Systems Engineering and Management effort. The Design Team spent copious hours researching the screening process and found the main causes of inefficiencies to be passenger confusion resulting in errors and the inability for security to review items quickly and efficiently. The prototype was tested at Boston’s Logan airport and praised by Boston’s TSA Director. Today, the OneBin can be found on four Norwegian Cruise Line ships; MS Joy (Shanghai), MS Breakaway (NY), MS Escape (NY), and MS Bliss (Alaska). The OneBin vision is to revolution the security checkpoint experience for both travelers and security officers.

Slice of MIT Publication

Product Design Project Yields Safer, Faster Security Checks


Boston Voyager Magazine

Meet Ben Levitt and Katy O’Brien of OneBin


OneBin System In detail



Instructive images customized for your travelers. 

For example, OneBin has added e-cigarette images for court houses and water bottles for cruise lines. A visual guide decreases the likelihood of an item being left in a pocket or bag.



Compartments are arranged to improve security effectiveness while allowing the trays to stack. 


Training Approach

OneBin provides detailed training materials including education for security and visual guides for travelers.


On-Site Guidance

The OneBin team will provide on-site guidance for all customers.



We understand your requirement and provide quality works.

“The OneBins are professional in their appearance and as soon as our Chinese clientele saw the labels on the tray then there is no need to explain that we are searching their belongings.”

“We are delighted with the product.”

Lead Security Officer, Norwegian Cruise Line

Hamburg, Germany

“Great potential to achieve multiple goals for the agency such as:
   1. Serve as a reminder to passengers to divest certain items,
   2. Replace multiple bins with one for efficiency and effectiveness,
   3. Encourage passengers to retrieve al items.
Such improvements will increase security check point efficiency and effectiveness (e.g. reduce divesture time, scanning images, and recompose time) and enhance security.”

TSA Security Director

Boston, MA

“”All I need is one bin. I really like this!” – Steph, Frequent Flier.

“Less confusion. It’s so easy!” – Paul, Frequent Flier.

“Great concept. Thank you!” – TSA Security Officer.

“Amazing. Is this the new tray” – Foreign Airport Security.

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